Run feeds more frequently

By default, file feeds are refreshed once per day, and API feeds are renewed at least once per 30-days. API feeds are renewed far less frequent than file feeds, because the synchronize product changes at the time the change happens, so the renewal is only to address unchanged products, to make sure they do not expire after the expiration period (default to 30-days).

There can be situations when you want feeds to run more frequently.

1/ File feeds to run more than once per day to get changes updated faster, to take advantages of platforms likes Facebook which allow hourly feed re-fetch, or to meet requirements of the targeted market place.

2/ API feeds to renew more than once per 30-days, to cater for changes that are not updated by the product change hooks, or in cases you want to set an expiration date on feed items which is less than the default 30-day.

The default runs (1st run in day for file feeds, or 1st run in 30-day period for API feeds) are free. More frequent feed runs is available at additional cost:

1/ 2nd run (and above) of the day (for file feeds) cost 3 cents (0.03 USD) per 1000 feed products per run.

For example if you have 1000 products and want to run file feeds twice a day, the extra run is 1 (out of 2) with cost of the 30-day billing cycle is 0.03 * 30 = 0.9 USD

2/ 2nd run (and above) of the 30-day period (for API feeds) cost 0.3 USD per 1000 feed products per run.

For example if you have 1000 products using API feeds and want to renew it every 10 days, the extra renewals is 2 (out of 3) with cost of the 30-day billing cycle is 0.6 USD.

How to configure for more frequent run

1/ Daily feed runs can be schedule to hour and minute time of day to allow you to align with major changes in store and/or align with the external marketplace fetch time. For example you might have a bulk job finished at 1 AM that update prices of products, so you might want to schedule the feed run at 1:15 AM to synchronize the new changes.

For more frequent feed run, click on "Add schedule". The app displays the estimated extra cost based on the current number of products  in store and number of feeds that you have created with the app.

2/ More frequent API feed renewals can be added by the dropdown in Feed schedules section of the feeds tab

Remember to click Save after you have added schedules and or adjust the API feed renewal frequency. The app may ask you to approve the extra usage charge that will incur when the extra runs are actually carried out.

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