I see that it is possible to select language in feed configuration. Does the app do translation to the feed data?

The app allow you to create translated feeds. There are 3 ways to create translated feeds corresponding to 3 types of translator apps that enable multi-languages on the Shopify stores

  • Shopify language API compatible translator apps. This includes Langify, LangShop, MultiLingo, Translate My Store, and other apps not limited to this list. You can read more about Shopify multi-language support here
  • Weglot
  • GTranslate

This is how to enable your GTranslate: First, you need to create API token for a custom app.

Second, you add GTranslate Storefront access token you just created. 

Third, you get started create a feed with domain or language you would like to:

So these apps provide the translations that Multiple Google Shopping feeds app use to create translated feed.

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