How to prepare for multilingual and multi-currency feeds

Feeds in local currency and local languages will allow you to create ads to reach customers in their own locales and that will be a big boosts to your international sales.

Translator App Integrations

The app support multilingual feeds. If the shop support Shopify multilingual feature and use one of the compatible translator apps, all the enabled languages will be available for selection when create feeds.

Apart from the above compatible list, Gtranslate users and Weglot users who are using sub-domain is also supported. They also require additional integration setup. Please following the below steps to integrate one of them into the app.

+++ To integration Gtranslate into the app, all you need is to add the storefront access token . You can follow these steps to get a Storefront API key and enter it into the Integrations section of the app

Please take a look the video tutorial:

Then, you copy and paste it into the app's integration section.

+++ To integration Weglot into the app, Just simply copy the API key in the Weglot's dashboard and paste it into the app's integration section:

After completing the integration, you can select one of options GTranslate/Weglot as the language provider in Target tab, and select the language option from the dropdown menu when creating a feed.

If you think that more translator app should be supported, please let us know.

Currency Conversion Methods

The app also support multi-currency feeds if the shop is using Shopify multi-currency payments. If the shop is not multi-currency, you can still create translated feeds using the translator app you have, and rely on the auto currency conversion to feed to other country. Moreover, you can use the Custom exchange rate function in the app. Our app allows you to set a fixed exchange rate.

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