What are the access scopes that the app requires and how they are used?

To perform its jobs, the app need to access your data in Shopify on behalf of your store. To be able to do this, it requires some access scopes (or permissions).

The app strives to request the minimum access to function, therefore the access are divided into mandatory scopes, granted at time of app installation, and optional scopes, granted to enable features or enhanced app usage.

Mandatory access scopes

These scopes are granted at app installation because they are required for the app to perform basic operations.

Scope Usage

Read product and collection data to build feeds.

  • Write to product metafields to store product level feed settings
  • Add tag, _wf_cus, to "mark" products as having product level settings
  • Add tag, _wf_exc, to "mark" products as excluded from feeds

(You might want to exclude these tags from showing on your theme if needed)

read_locales Read locales data to see what languages a shop support via Shopify language API.
read_translations Read product data translations via Shopify language API to build foreign language feeds.

Optional access scopes

These scopes are granted during app usage, to enable feature or enhance user experience while using the app

Scope Enable/enhance Feature/usage
read_metaobjects enable

Metaobjects are custom structured data to enhance your Shopify product data which can be used in several ways.

This scope is required if you want to pull data stored in metaobjects to build feed attributes via metaobject tokens

read_shipping enable

Read detailed shipping data for

  • shipping rates of items in custom shipping profiles
  • shipping rates set in local currency. Without this scope, the app will assume that all rates in shipping settings are set in shop currency, and might derive the wrong shipping cost if some rates are set in local currency.
  • item's Shipping profile token. This token can be used in expressions to create rules based on an item's shipping profile
  • store's shipping profiles. These consts can be used in expressions, for example to "exclude variants belong to profile A", or "double the price of items belong to profile B"
read_publications enable Read product publications data for market specific availability
read_markets enhance

Read Shopify Markets data for enhanced usage of

  • market specific translation
  • international pricing
read_inventory enable

Read inventory data for

  • cost of good sold
  • variant level inventory tracking
  • inventory tracking across locations
write_marketing_events enable Write marketing events to create Google Ads campaigns
write_script_tags enable Write script tags to create Google Ads tags

How to check granted permissions

You can check the permissions granted to an app in Shopify admin Settings > App and sales channels > click the app > Permission details

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