I have "Mismatched value (page crawl) [price]" problem for foreign currency feeds?

The reason behind price mismatch of foreign currency feeds is exchange rate changes. Shopify exchange rates sometime can change as frequently as 15 minutes.
Whenever Shopify exchange rate updates, all the products’ prices in the product pages effectively change at the same time, causing a flood of changes that need to be synchronized to GMC as fast as possible. Although the app constantly sync the changes across, but there is always a lagging behind. If the number of items in GMC affected by this error is below 1%, then it is acceptable.
If the number of affected items is higher than 1%, changing the feed type to TSV can help. The reason is that the Content API is rate limited, so the flood of changes can choke it if it is big enough. TSV feeds are not subjected to this rate limit.
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