Why do I have "not eligible for enhanced listings" error and how do I fix it?

This error does not stop you from running paid ads campaigns. Your products are also still listed in the “free listings” program, although the performance might be affected. That is why we should strive to solve it.

More information from Google about this error is here.

Unfortunately Google does not publish what criteria are used to decide eligibility. It could be the feed data is not informational enough. It could relate to your merchant account, whether it is new, etc., or the market you target the feed too.

First we can try our best to be as informational about the products as we can. Data like color, material, sizes need to be submitted wherever possible. The app advanced features, including rule-based settings can help out to fill in the missing data.

And the eligibility changes over time too, so after updates to feed settings, give Google a few days to re-evaluate it.

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