How are products and feeds counted towards my plan limit?

Each plan has limits of both the number of feeds and the number of products that can be included in feeds.

A feed is equivalent to a product list. Inside the app a feed contains all the settings that is needed by the app to build a quality product list, including the targeted ads platforms (Google, Facebook, Bing, etc.), feed language, feed currency and a list of feed attribute templates that define how to pull data into different attributes required by the corresponding ads platform. There is a large number of attributes so these settings are organized into different sections (tabs) in the feed editor for easier maintenance.

Please note that a feed is different from feed runs, which are being carried out frequently by the app to ensure that products are properly synchronized to the listing on the ads platform.

Each feed belong to a product group, which also defines the products that are included (and excluded from feeds of the same product group). Product inclusion (or exclusion) are done via Shopify collections (including a special “All products” collection representing all the products in store).

The following screenshot depicts the feeds and products included in a product group.

The plan’s products limit is set based on the actual retrieval of the products. Therefore the collections are counted uniquely, meaning if the same collection are included multiple times in different product groups, the products of that collection are counted only once because the app only need to retrieve it once. However, if a product is brought into feeds via 2 different collections, it will be counted twice as each collection requires a separate fetch. Products excluded by collections are not deducted from the plan’s limit, since the app still need to retrieve all the included products before doing the exclusion.

All products of all the uniquely included collections across all product groups are counted towards the plan’s product limit.

All feeds in all product groups are counted towards the plan’s feeds limit.

Feed products refer to the count of products in feed(s). Feed products are used to calculate usage charge of the extra runs that the app carry out for file feeds or API feeds. Please note that products for each feed are counted separately and added together when you have multiple feeds.

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