How to Create a Smart Shopping Campaign from the app

How to Create a Smart Shopping Campaign Using the Multiple Feeds & Smart Campaigns.

You must ensure that the feeds have already been generated on the app.

Step 1: Connect your Google Ads account and install tags under the Ads tab

- In the Ads tab, connect your Google Adwords account with the application

- And then check these boxes to accept installing all required tags

Step 2: Check the efficient of tags on product pages.

 - Download and install the Google Tag Assistant Extension for Chrome here
-  Go to any product page. Enable the extension

- Reresh the product page. If tags work properly, we should see the tags as shown below:

Step 3: Create a smart shopping campaign.

- Click “add smart shopping campaign”. The interface for creating advertising campaigns will appear:

Please read the functions and definitions before setting them:

- Merchant account: Select the merchant account that contains the feed you want to promote.

- Feed country: Select the feed

- Title:  name of campaign

- Daily budget: Set amount of money each day for spending.

- Target ROAS: Smart Shopping campaigns automatically maximize your conversion value within a given budget. If you have a minimum return goal for your campaign, you can also set a target return on ad spend (ROAS). For example, if your target goal for your campaign is $5 worth of sales revenue for each $1 you spend on ads, you can set a target ROAS of 500%. When you set a target ROAS, your bids will be optimized to hit your target within your daily budget. If your ROAS is too high, some of your budget may not be spent and your overall sales may decline.

- Targeted location: The country that corresponds to the feed that you want to target.

Two smart filters can help you focusing on the items you want to promote:

- Filter items by Category

- Filter items by other criteria: such as brand, product type, item Id, custom label...

Save it once you've finished.

Note: The number of the campaigns will be limit with each plan (you are entitled to create as many campaigns as the number of feeds in the plan).

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