The importance of product feeds in advertising

Product feeds are used in many advertising platforms and marketplaces. The product information from the product feed will be shown to the potential customers by the advertising and marketing channels to attract them to purchase the product.

Thus, we have some reasons to believe that product feeds are extremely important in shopping ads.

1. Product feeds are important because they make your products searchable and accessible to customers by advertising and marketing channels such as Google shopping, Facebook ads, Bing, Pinterest…

2. Product feeds also allow customers to find the best price and see the specific product with images.

3. Product feeds can generate more revenue because products can be found and bought more easily.

4. Product feeds can help you reach a greater customer base.

As such, the product feed needs to be fully prepared and optimized to meet the requirements of each advertising channel. Each channel has its own specific requirements about which fields and product features your feed should contain.

How do you create a product feed from your product data?

  • You can do it manually.

Feeds can be manually created. Any advertising platform will have standard feed forms where you can enter product information. This will be in the form of a product file/spreadsheet. You can then submit it yourself.

Manually entering product information in the product feed can take a long time if your store has a large number of products.

Moreover, if you need to update the product, you must continue to upload/import the feed and resubmit it manually.

  •  You can use a feed creation application.

Using a feed creation app to generate a product feed is a great way to save time and effort. It will then assist you in optimizing, scheduling automatic updates, and managing product data in the feed.

For merchants having Shopify store, the Multiple Google Shopping Feeds app is a great choice. It handles almost everything for you. By using one app you’ll get a perfectly optimized product feed that meets the requirements of those platforms.

You’ll just need to install the app, which has templates for 6 shopping channels and marketplaces and more, such as Google Shopping, Facebook, Bing shopping, Pinterest, Klaviyo, and custom feed. 

Product feed is very important, but it is also very complicated. Our application will help to simplify the feed setup process while also allowing users to customize in the advanced build to obtain the most product information in the feed. 

Feed configuration


Having a perfect feed will increase your chances of reaching potential customers and increasing revenue. As an online retailer, expanding online sales channels is critical. so it's well worth investing money, time, and effort into creating the feed.

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