How to upload a main feed to the Facebook Catalog using a URL

There are several ways to upload items. In this article, We will use feed url to upload items (a main feed) to the catalog.  You can upload a file once or set up a schedule to update your catalog automatically on a regular basis.

Please follow the steps:

1.   Go to Commerce Manager and select your catalog.

2.   Open the  Catalog tab and go to Data Sources.

3.   Select  Data Feed followed by Next.

4.   Choose the upload option:  Select “ Scheduled feed”, and then Next

5.    Setup feed:  

  • 5.1        Enter the feed URL. Please click here to learn how to create a Facebook data feed on our app. Feed Url can be found under the summary tab.
  • 5.2      Choose an hourly, daily or weekly upload schedule for your data feed. Select Next.
  • 5.3       Select Save Feed and Upload.

You've uploaded a new data feed from a URL. Your data feed now appears in  Data Sources. You can select it to see an overview or manage its settings. Facebook will fetch it from its URL to update your catalog at your scheduled times.

Here is a video tutorial:

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