How to get your Google Shopping campaigns multilingual.

All sellers have the desire to expand the international markets. Therefore, Shopping Ads should be clear for the target audience. People want to see advertisements in their native language and local currency. They love comfort and prefer browsing in their local language.

To do so, you need to prepare a website with multiple-language versions by using a translator application. Based on the languages you have, you can generate feeds in different languages, and then upload them all to the Google Merchant Center. After having feeds set on the Merchant Center side, the next goal is to set up multilingual Google Shopping campaigns.

Google Shopping campaigns don’t actually have an option to target languages. Google gives you the option of targeting a completely different country than your country of sale, but you can’t pick what language to target.

However, We can work around this issue in custom labels. The method is that we use a custom label to tag each item with the language it was written in. This can be simply done in our app, under the Label tab of the language feed. After we tag them all, we refresh the feed to sync it with Google Merchant Center.

Custom Label Setup 

Go to the Labels tab in the feed:

By using custom label 0, we tag "French" for all products in the French feed. and Using custom label 1 for the English feed.

Note, you must use a different custom label for other languages. Do not reuse custom labels. You can use up to 5 custom labels (from 0 to 4)

our app

Check a random product to see if the "French" custom label includes the product data.

After saving the feed, The app automatically re-upload it to the Google Merchant Center.

our app

Shopping Ads Setup 

Then, we can create separate campaigns. We can subdivide the product group in campaign settings by using that custom label so the campaign only includes products in the language we selected.

To learn more, Google has detailed instructions on how to do this here

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