Feed editor - Basic product data

This section specify how the basic data of the item in Google Merchant Center is generated, including the item ID, product title and product description. You can used the predefined token to provide the product data into the feed ({product_title}, {variant_title}, ...). You can add in your own text for better SEO if you need to.

{product_options} is a special token which provide a combination of the product available options into the feed. Put it in the description and you will have a text like "Styles: Short-sleeve, Long-sleeve; Colors: Red, Blue; Sizes: Small, Medium", which is recommended for some product categories for better SEO.

You may also change the main image of product that will show in the shopping ads on this tab. You can customize the main image in a variety of ways, like using a variant image, the first product image, the second product image, and so on, or selecting an image from metafields.

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