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Detailed product descriptions

This section contains important product data, like: the age group, gender, color, size, and condition, as well as optional attributes such as size system, size type, product highlights, product details, material, pattern, cost of good sold, unit pricing measure, unit pricing base measure, installment, energy efficiency class.

By default, the color and size fields are set to the dynamic tokens of {pa_color} and {pa_size} respectively. But if the color or size data is stored in under a different option name (e.g ColourOptions), you need to change the token names accordingly (e.g. {pa_colour}{pa_options}).

Some settings are mandatory or optional depending on the category selected. The app will give the right warning if a mandatory settings is missing.

If your product have material or pattern data, remember to include them for better customer ads experience. You can set a fix value, or using a dynamic token to pull in the right option value for the field.

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