We are partnering with a number of apps in Shopify Store. Some of them require additional integration setup

Shopify Storefront access token

The Storefront access token is required to turn on the unit pricing measure support in product feeds. It is also required for GTranslate support.

You can follow these steps to get a Storefront API key and enter it into the Integrations section of the app

1/ Create and install a custom app for your store if you have not done so. Enter "Multiple Google Shopping Feeds" and "" as the name of the app and email of the developer. 

2/ Configure Storefront API integration, select "Content, products, and customers".

3/ Install the app and get the API access tokens. 

Copy the provided Storefront access token from the bottom of the "Store front API" section and paste it into the app Integrations section in Settings page.


All you need is to add the storefront access token and select GTranslate as the language provider in Target tab.


Weglot support requires a Weglot API key and use of language subdomains (or a Weglot settings that allow the product URLs can be language-specific. The reason behind this is Google bots and users need to arrive at the right language after following a product page URL, otherwise the products and the feed can be disapproved.

The Weglot API key is available in the Weglot dashboard of the Weglot account.

Advanced Shipping Rules

Advanced Shipping Rules users can take advantage of this integration to synchronize sophisticated shipping settings to Google Merchant Centers. All you need to do is to enter the Advanced Shipping Rules API key into the app.

The API key is available in the Settings section of the Advanced Shipping Rules app

You only need to copy and paste the API key from Advanced shipping rules to the Integrations section


Advanced Shipping Rules support subzones, which are areas defined by postal codes or ranges of postal codes. Rates can be assigned to these subzones.

By default, while evaluating shipping rate for an area defined in the shipping entry (e.g. Australia, Victoria), the app only evaluate rates assigned to a matching zone in the Advanced Shipping Rules settings (e.g. AU, VIC) and not goes down to the subzones level, because it would results in a subzone specific rate which may not represent rate level of the whole zone.

This could results in the app finding no rate if all rates in Advanced Shipping rules are defined at the subzones level and none specified at the zone level.

One can "force" the app to evaluate all subzones rate by enabling the "Evaluate subzones rate" checkbox. As the lowest rate a taken from evaluation, this could results in the submitted rate being lower than the actual rate available in some zones. For example in the screenshot, "Geelong GL" rate might be used as the whole "Victoria" while this rate is not available in "Melbourne Metro" areas.

Carrier rates adjustments

If you make use of the Advanced Shipping Rules carrier rates, the app try its best to map the carriers services across from in Advanced Shipping Rules to Google, but it will not be 100% the same for all cases for the following reasons

1/ The list of carriers are not the same between in Advanced Shipping Rules and in Google

2/ Even with the same carrier, the list of services are not always the same

3/ You might have contracts with the carriers with negotiated rates, while Google only acquire the standard rates with the carriers and most of the time it deviates from your contracts.

If the carrier return a cost to Google Merchant Center which is higher than when it return to the Advanced Shipping Rules app, your product might get disapproved. 

You can work around the problem by making carrier rate adjustments, in which you have an option to mark-up/mark-down the carrier rates submitted to Google Merchant Center. This shall mark up the UPS Ground service in USA up 10%

The final step is to sync shipping rates with your Google Merchant Center. 

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