How to add the Growave review feed to Google Merchant Center

Growave is one of the featured loyalty and review apps on the Shopify apps. Growave helps you collect customer reviews for products. For optimizing ad performance, products that display good reviews have a higher click-through rate than those that don't. So how can I display star ratings on shopping ads? This article walks you through how to show star ratings on shopping ads based on the reviews you collect in Growave.

First, you need to export the reviews from Growave to a file. Once you have the review file from Growave, you will need to upload reviews to the Multiple Google Shopping Feeds app as a data source to create a review feed in the next steps.

Please follow three steps below

Step 1: Import Growave's reviews to the Multiple Google Shopping Feeds app

  • Open the Multiple Google Shopping Feeds
  • Navigate to the Feeds tab.
  • Scroll the page down to the Product Review Integration section.
  • Import the reviews by clicking "add file" in the Growave reviews part.

Step 2: Create a review feed

Step 3: Add review feed to Google merchant center

Make sure you have enabled product ratings program in your Google merchant center. Please click the link to learn more about how to set up Google Product Ratings.  Also, you will need to have at least 50 reviews in the review feed.

Then, check out the video to see how to add a review feed to the Google merchant center using the feed URL.

Finally, Google will need some time to review.  If the reviews are approved, your shopping ad will appear with the corresponding star ratings.

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