How frequently are feeds run?

Feed are run by the app to ensure that products are properly synchronized with the ads platform. File feeds are run at least once every day (foreign currency feeds run more frequently to adapt with exchange rate changes). Google content API feeds run full every 26 days (enough to keep the items from being expired), but run for individual product update instantly when it occurs.

File feeds can be scheduled to run at specific times of day. This is helpful to align the feed runs with bulk stock updates or price changes. For example your back-end system maybe update the stocks for product every day at 04:30 (must have ended before 05:00), then you can set the feed schedule to run a few minutes after 05:00 so the latest changes are picked up as soon as possible.

All the feeds also run whenever there is a new feed settings update, or when the manual “Refresh feeds” button is clicked in the app.


Now you can run feeds more frequently at additional cost.

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