How to add a Promo ID to products in the supplement feed

Benefits of using Merchant Promotions

Google Merchant Promotions are generally a great idea to use for retailers. The main benefit of using promotions with your Shopping campaigns is that it helps you stand out from competing items on the search engine results pages (SERPs)

How to Add a Promo ID to products by Feed Rules:

There are several ways to add a promotion id to products. While creating that promotion id, you can add a promotion id for all products or specific products on the Google merchant center.
In this article, we'll show you another way to do it using the supplement feed in our app. This allows you to easily select/filter specific products that you want to add a promotion id.

Take an example: add a free shipping promotion id for products having price of more than $30.

First, ensure that you have an available primary feed for the United States in Google merchant center.
Then, follow these steps::
Step 1: In Google merchant center, Create a promotion
Login to Google Merchant and go to Promotions > List > Click on the blue plus button.
Select your country: United States
Choose the promotion type: free shipping 
Promo ID: FREESHIPPING > that you will add it to the supplement feed.
Products: In this section, please choose the option “Choose only products with a promotion id that matches this promotion’s ID.
Promo Code: an actual redeemable code which will be displayed to customers in your Shopping Ads
Start and end dates:

Here's a video tutorial to show you how to create that promotion:

Then, You can check the status of your promotion in Google Merchant under  Promotions > List

Step2: Create a supplement feed in our app 


- Use product filler in metadata tab to filter products with value over $30 (we also have filtering options for other purposes)

- Select feed type as Supplement feed    

- Enter promotion id (that we have just created FREESHIPPING) on the labels tab

Check a random product to see if the promotion id has been added to it.
Save feed.

How to create a supplemental feed:

After that, Please copy the feed url under the summary tab and upload it manually on your Google merchant center:

Step 3: the last step, Go back to Google merchant center, create a feed rule at the primary feed.

Following that, the feed rule will appear like this:

It can be explained:

With the promotion id attribute, this promotion id is set to products in the supplement feed. If the promotion id does not yet have any value, it will take from the primary feed.

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