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Product category and identifiers

In this section you find the most important feed setting, t he Google product category. Although it is not mandatory to be included, you need to specify it whenever you can, as it affect how Google identify the right interest groups for you. Since it is not mandatory, you can still save the feed without it, but you will see a pop-up asking if you know what you are doing.

You can use the rule-based setting to set Google product categories for the relevant products. Please click here to see an example.

Product type is generally use to categorize your products inside Google Merchant Center. For example you might run a campaign on your product type "Shoes" and have another campaign for your "Shirts" product type. Keep in mind what products that have been included in the group when you set this parameter. You can also rely on the {product_type} token to pull in the product type field of the product.

You also specify the values for the identifier fields,  GTINbrand and MPN. Google have specific requirements for the identifiers, and the app will automatically set the right value for identifer_exists flag depending on your identifier availability.

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