I'd like to categorize my products on Google Shopping feeds into the required Google categories.

If you have a large number of different types of products, you can create rule-based settings under category tab to sort them into the appropriate categories.

Our app includes a feature for creating custom rules. Turning on the Advanced input mode enables Rule-based settings in most data fields.

If you want to sort the products in the feed into Google-required categories before pushing them to Google Merchant Center. It's as simple as creating a custom rule under the Category/IDs tab.

The following is an example of a custom rule:


You want to sort all shirts into the shirts&tops (212) category and all jackets into the Coats&Jackets (5598) category. The others are sorted into the Clothing (1604) category.


Feed settings on our app:

Explanation: This rule can be interpreted as follows:

- If the product title contains the word "shirt," it will be sorted into the Shirts&Tops category.

- If the product title contains the word "jacket," it will be sorted into the Coast&Jackets category.

- Others that do not have one of  two words above will be sorted into the Clothing (1604) category.

In addition to the Product title filter, you can also filter by Product description, Product type, Vendor, and so on.

After that, you save the change and open the feed preview under the Summary tab to look at a random product.

Following the above custom rule, I selected one jacket product to examine in the Coats&Jackets (5598) category.


Now you can try with your product feed. Let's see how it goes.

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