Feed editor - Summary and Feed preview

In this section you find the summary information of your product feed. 

The status of the feed: Enable or Pause. If you want to stop delivering the feed to the Google Merchant Center, you can pause it.

For live feed, there will also be information about the last run of the feed.

For file feeds, the Feed URL is found here. You can copy and paste this URL to the ads platform to create new feed.

There is an important feature which can be accessed from this tab, which is the Feed Preview.

Feed preview

The feed preview is an effective tool which you can use to test the feed before actually sending it to Google. It can save you a lot of time (and trouble) by resolving feed problems before actually feed it to the platform.

The first time you start the feed preview, you need to select a product. The app will then show the feed data built for the selected product. You can switch a selected product by clicking the "Switch product" button at the bottom of the preview modal.

Please note that if the selected item have feed settings configured at the product level, it will be reflected in the preview too, which might be different from the settings at the feed level.

If the feed preview show an empty page, that could be one of the following reasons:

  • The product is not published or does not have an image that can be used for product feed.
  • The product is explicitly excluded from product feeds. You can exclude a product at the product detailed page or at the feed status report by selecting multiple products. Products can be excluded in bulk from within the Shopify product listing page by selecting the products > More actions > Multiple Google Shopping feeds.
  • The variant filters are in effect. Only variants that passed through the filters are use to generate feed items.
  • The action for out of stock variants is in effect. For example if you have selected to exclude the out of stock variants, and all of the variants of the selected product are out of stock, none will be shown

Use the feed preview extensively, as it will help you avoid lots of future problems with Google feed disapproval.

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